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Cycling Wear for teams, events and individuals.

Flave Recommended Suppliers
Flave works with only the best suppliers.
It's no surprise these are based in the
Northern part of Italy. 99% of our fabrics
are sourced from MITI Spa Italy. Our pads
are coming from Dolomiti Pads Italy and
for the silicone grippers and powergrippers
we count on the expertise of MAB Spa Italy.

Why Flave? When we look at today's cycling market, then you have a handful of brands that got their marketing right. Then you have thousands of smaller brands, competing on price. Trying to use a cheaper chamois (pad) -ridiculous-, a cheaper fabric without UV protection or a low quality zipper. All substituted with cheaper alternatives. Why would you accept that? On top of that, you get empty promises of a 4 week delivery time, but in reality you would think they meant 4 months.

We have seen it all and decided to do something about it!

As professional riders, we pay very high attention to detail. We have looked around and found the best mix of people that could assist us with launching our own brand of cycling apparel. We found a manufacturer that specializes in the production of cycling garments for renowned brands with in-depth knowlegde of production. When we told them the way we want to go for, they immediately understood our requirements.
We can tell you, with full confidence, that every piece of FLAVE product you take in your hands, is handcrafted with a high attention to detail, with the best materials in the market. And produced for you within 3 weeks. Ridiculously good news! Finally.
Some recent projects we produced for: